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Below are details for Victoria Salem. She really likes binge-watching Sex and The City and she comes from Paris - those two probably aren't related !

Kygo, Naxxos, DJ Dan Kraines, Zahed Sultan and Marius are the bands she likes the best.

Her greatest achievements to date are: working at Conde Nast and Merrill Lynch, creating The Golden Network.

Her work consists of organising exclusive events, creating elite networking opportunities and arranging special privileges for members of her network.

Social networks, events in London, business networking, PR and socialising are things she is well famous for.

Home House, Paris, Restaurant Ours, Novilov, McQueen, Benares, Trader Vic's, London, Alberts Club, Nikki Beach (Saint Tropez), Science Museum, Forge Bar (at 24 Cornhill), Eight Members Club, Mahiki, Soho, Mint Leaf and Hotel Rafayel (Near Battersea) are places she thinks are lovely.

Victoria likes bringing people together, Porsche, Notting Hill Carnival, building communities, Dstrkt, octopus investments, The Caledonian Club, Cass FinTech Society and City AM.

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